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Agency Power Turbo Suction Pipe Kit - EVO X
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Part #: AP-CZ4A-120
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Product Overview
Improving upon turbo air flow is what the new Agency Power Suction Pipe Kit for the Mitsubishi EVO X is designed to do. Before the factory turbocharger is a suction pipe which connects to the intake system. This pipe is usually rubber or plastic featuring odd bends and ridged sections. These pipes can slow the air flow down and cause it to become turbulent which will rob you of power. By providing you with smooth bends, larger diameter piping, and more efficient air flow design, your car will gain performance all around. Quicker turbo spool up, faster throttle response, increased turbo sound, and horsepower gains will all be noticed.

The Agency Power Suction Pipe Kit is aluminum featuring rolled lip ends for a secure fit with the silicone couplers provided. The end nearest the intake is increased to 3.25 inch diameter so it can be used with the factory air box or our aftermarket cold air intake kit. The pipe features the blow off valve return pipe, boost hose fitting, and vent hose fitting. Each part features precision TIG welding and proper setting to match up with the factory components. The kit includes 3 silicone couplers available in black with the AP logo. Also included is the necessary hose clamps needed for installation. The Suction Pipe Kit is available in polished or our Gloss Red to match the other Agency Power intake components. The suction pipe fits all Mitsubishi EVO X vehicles.

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Agency Power Turbo Suction Pipe Kit - EVO X
Agency Power Turbo Suction Pipe Kit - EVO X
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