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Turbonetics Variable Billet Manual Boost Controller
Part #: 31113
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Product Overview
This manual boost controller is CNC manufactured out of one piece billet 6061 aluminum; no homemade bleeder valves, or brass fittings from your local hardware store. The design incorporates both a ball-and-spring as well as bleed style to give the user full control over tuning his or her boost curve on either internal actuators or external wastegates.

The ball-and-spring portion was designed with a lightweight polymer ball that quickly leaves its seat to eliminate detrimental boost spikes normally associated with poorly designed boost controllers. The polymer ball will also re-seat itself quicker between shifts to allow for superior transient boost response. The BBC also uses a built in bleed system to regulate the desired boost curve that is adjustable by air bleed jets included in the kit. The heart of the Billet Boost Controller’s design is its click-adjustable knob. An integrated detent allows the user precise adjustment when increasing or decreasing boost. Simply turn the knob and count the number of clicks it takes to get you where you want to be.

The BBC comes with boost/vacuum line, a mounting bracket, three air bleeds, wire ties.

- one piece CNC billet aluminum construction
- fast boost and transient response
- click adjustable, easy to return to original settings

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Turbonetics Variable Billet Manual Boost Controller
Turbonetics Variable Billet Manual Boost Controller
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