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Hallman Evolution Boost Controller Kit
Part #: BC-51
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Product Overview
The Hallman EVOLUTION is integrated into a self-contained cockpit controller cable system.

The self contained cable system allows you to adjust boost from inside your car!

This new system makes it very easy to set initial desired boost level... there is no need to stop the car, pop the hood, adjust the valve, then drive to see what boost level it is set at (and possibly repeating this process several times). Sitting at a red light and want to turn up the boost? Its just an arm's reach away.

This unique cable system uses a sheathed cable that does not twist or bind. There is no "lateral torque". This means that you achieve consistent results when you turn your inside-the-cockpit adjustment knob. Just as precise as if you were turning a knob on the controller itself, as with the Hallman Pro or Hallman Pro RX kits.

Achieve the convenience of an electronic system (without the expense or complexity of electronics), with the reliability and precision of a ceramic ball manual boost control system!

TECH TIP: It also includes a mounting bracket, 3 feet of hose, a hardware kit, and specific installation instructions. The cable is 72 inches in length. Available in Red or Black.
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Hallman Evolution Boost Controller Kit
Hallman Evolution Boost Controller Kit
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