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AMS Evo X Fuel Rail Kit
The AMS EVO X Fuel Rail provides increased fuel flow which is necessary at higher boost levels.

This CNC’d aluminum rail comes anodized in Red or Black and includes our signature AMS logo.

With a -6AN (7.5 mm) diameter inlet and outlet it dwarfs the stock rail by over 25% in flow area. This is true bolt on part that will install with your factory fuel lines, fuel pressure regulator and will work with all factory style fuel injectors.

Included in our kit is a -6AN braided fuel feed line that increases fuel flow by 25%. Our line also makes your car safer by eliminating the hard factory fuel feed line that can crack over time from engine vibration.

Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
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Redline Evo X Transmission Fluid Cocktail (5-speed)
Evo X transmission fluid cocktail for the 5-speed Evo X that will have you banging through gears with ease!

Works great for street & track Evo X's. The red line cocktail is versatile enough to work in all climates.

Red line Evo X Tranny Cocktail Kit Includes:

• 1qt - Redline MT-90 50304

• 2qt - Redline MTL 50204

Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (5-speed)
Part #: RL-EVOX-TC
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Megan Racing Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge - 52mm
One of the most important aspects of racing is knowing exactly what your Evo is doing at all times!

You need to have the most accurate measurements for all the variables that your car is going through to maintain, tune and most importantly to know your car is operating at a safe level.

Megan Racing 52mm Gauges offer extremely accurate and easy to read values so that you know exactly what is going on with your engine at all times. They feature a bright hyper-white backlighting provided by low-heat LED’s and a sleek tinted glare-and-scratch resistant crystal to aid in gauge perception while offering a nice touch to the interior of any car.

Another excellent feature is that the gauges weigh only about 3oz each cause unnecessary weight is never something you want to add to a car.

TECH TIP: Gauge size is 52mm (2 1/16") and fits our Evolution X 52mm gauge pods
Part #: MR-AF
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AMS Evo X STX500 Upgraded Turbo
The AMS Performance STX500 Upgraded Turbo for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X offers the best bolt-on turbo solution for producing power and low-end torque on 93 octane pump gas.

With proper intake, boost cooling and exhaust upgrades, you can expect 500+ horsepower without compromise to drivability and throttle response.

Both the compressor inlet and exhaust housing were chosen to create one fat, usable powerband. This upgraded turbo is perfect for those who wish to upgrade their turbo, but may already have or prefer to build their own supporting upgrades such as their intake, intercooler and exhaust system.

Each upgraded turbo is equipped with our custom polished 3” turbo inlet. The larger design of this CNC flanged inlet offers improved flow over the standard design. By improving air stream to the surge ports, it allows them to prevent surge issues more efficiently throughout a wider range of operating conditions.

Benefits of the AMS Evo X STX500 Upgraded Turbo:

  -  500+ horsepower on 93 octane
  -  650 horsepower capable on race fuel
  -  Free flowing 3” aluminum inlet virtually eliminates surge issues
  -  Excellent throttle response/ quick turbo spool-up
  -  Ideal and suited for everyday pump gas use

This Evo X Kit Includes:

  - Garrett GTX30R based turbocharger
  - AMS 3” Turbo Inlet
  -  Oil lines, hardware and fasteners

Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Part #: AMS-EVOX-STX500
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Injector Dynamics EVO X USCAR to Denso Plug-n-Play Adapters Set of 4
Easily plug and play a new set of Injector dynamic injectors into your Evo X.

TECH TIP: This is a full set of 4
Part #: id90.3EVOSET
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AEM E85-Compatible High Flow 310LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump
Push 310LPH at 43 psi

Perfect fuel pump if you are running E-85 setup in your Evo X.

Specs: 39mm x 65mm
Part #: 50-1210
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Megan Racing EGT Gauge Kit (52mm)

One of the most overlooked aspects of any vehicle is the EGT.

The EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) is extremely important to performance tuning as it can give you the tell-tale signs of premature failure in your engine and exhaust parts.

Being able to tell if you run too lean or rich in your performance tuning is one aspect.. but it can go above and beyond by telling you how much heat-causing pressure build-up and backpressure is in your exhaust system.

These gauges fit great in our 52mm Dual and Triple Evolution gauge pods. Gauge pods sold separate.

TECH TIP: Sensor and all hardware is supplied for installation. Gauge is 52mm size 2 1/16"


Part # MR-EGT

Part #: MR-EGT
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Warning Decal! All Wheel Drive Vehicle
If you drive an Evo X you already know that an all wheel drive car has to be towed on flat bed truck to prevent serious drivetrain damage.

But... Does your local tow truck driver know this?

This weatherproof sticker mounts above the vin # and displays a warning message that will make your local tow truck driver think twice about damaging your drivetrain with a regular wrecker.

We combine words with a picture message to help get the point across and warn uninformed tow truck drivers what time it is.

Part #: SC.621001118
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When Speed Exceeds 172mph Decal

"All exterior glass must remained closed when speeds exceed 172mph"

This is a great decal for the interior of your Evo X and lets your passengers know your car is no joke.

This decal is yellow and black so it looks OEM.

Specs: 7-7/8" X 7/8"

Part #: SC.621008
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ATP Evo X Garrett Dual Ball Bearing Twin-scroll GTX3071R Bolt-on Turbo Kit
The Garrett® Evo X Turbo Upgrade allows you to push your AWD, rally-bred monster up to an estimated 500 HP+ with the latest technology dual ball bearing GTX3071R.

Each turbo has been meticulously designed to be a bolt-on upgrade with no fabrication, cutting or welding required.

This Evo X Turbo Upgrade features a specially designed twin-scroll turbine housing that mates up directly to the Evo X's stock exhaust manifold as well as the stock exhaust down pipe to allow for aftermarket exhausts to be used without worrying about fitment.

The turbine housing allows for the retention of the stock exhaust heat shield for better temperature control as well as a stealth look.

The ported shroud compressor housing reduces the occurrence of surge during operation and mates directly to the intake piping as well as the stock outlet position.

The Garrett® patented dual ball bearing center housing is standard on both turbocharger options for unmatched power handling and unbeatable response.

The Evo X Turbo Upgrade is a powerful, yet highly streetable enhancement to an already potent car.

Horsepower (estimated)     500+
Compressor Wheel Inducer     54.1mm
Compressor Wheel Exducer     71.4mm
Compressor Wheel Trim     58
Compressor Housing A/R     0.60
Turbine Wheel Diameter     60.0mm
Turbine Housing A/R     0.73

Kit Contains:

  -  GTX3071R dual ball bearing application specific turbocharger
  - Inlet elbow
  -  Oil drain line
  -  Water lines
  - Gaskets and necessary hardware
  -  Installation Instructions

Part #: ATP-VEVO-038
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